Forward My Calls


The application “Forward My Calls” is three solutions in one .

First, it is the best way to transfer your calls to another phone number with a single click . The application saves the last number you used to simplify the next use.

Secondly, if you want to save costs on your mobile phone or if like me you prefer to use a landline at home or at your office . This application can automatically forward your calls on your landline when the WiFi network in your home or office is detected. The transfer is automatically cancelled when you leave your home or office .

Finally, have you ever missed a call because you forgot to charge the battery of your phone. Now you can automatically forward all your calls when your phone battery is too low. No more surprises with an important call unanswered.
If you have any problem or suggestion, contact me by email , I will reply as soon as possible .

You can also have access to the Help section if you need a support for the app.



Before using this application , validate with your carrier if call forwarding option is activated on your phone. Your service provider may apply a fee for each call transferred by your phone.


You can download on Google Play at :