Mobile HotSpot FAQ

Frequently asked questions



Do I need to have a rooted device ?

No, it works with any standard version of Android 2.2 and + .

What is the SSID for my hotspot ?

The default SSID is Mobile Hotspot, the same name as the App. You can change this SSID for what you want via the setup menu.

What is the default security key ?

The default security key is the word ‘password‘ in lowercase. You can change the security key by what you want but it needs to have 8 or more chars.

What is the difference between the free and the paid version ?

There are only two differences between the free and the paid version. In the paid version, you don’t have Ad (publicity) and in the free version, all customization like the SSID or the configuration of the timer will reset after 4 hours.

Is it compatible with version 4.3 of Android ?

Yes, the application is compatible with version 4.3. But it seems that Verizon subscribers have problems since this version. Verizon has probably used this update to block tethering function.

You can also visit the support web page.