Mobile HotSpot Support

If your device is compatible and you have a technical problem with your Mobile HotSpot, first compare your phone status with the following screenshot :


If you still having a problem, you can try resolve it with this “check list” :

  1. You have a mobile network on your device (Ex: 3G)
  2. Your 3G/4G is activated on your device?
  3. You haven’t received any error message when turning on your Mobile Hotspot application?
  4. If your hotspot is activated but you can’t connect, you probably have a problem with your security key. The default security key is the word “password”.  Special care should be taken when you change your security password, the program needs to be close and restart in order to confirm your new security password changes.
  5. Check if you had received a notification. The app can turn off automatically your Hotspot if the level of your battery is less than 20%.
  6. Restart your phone and try again.


To connect your laptop or desktop computer to your wireless network, follow these steps:

  1. Open Connect to a Network by clicking the network icon (Picture of the wireless network icon or Picture of the wired network icon) in the notification area.(In the bottom right)
  2. In the list of networks, click the network Mobile HotSpot, and then click Connect.
  3. Enter the security key (by default “password“).
  4. Done.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write us at  or visit Frequently asked questions page.


If you use the App :

Tablet Talk :   If the Wifi is activated, the first time you click “ON”, the HotSpot doesn’t start. You need to click “ON” a second time to start it. You will not have problem, if the WiFi of your device is “OFF”